Easily find which chords to play over a given scale and vice-versa
Visualize scale patterns both on the fingerboard and on the staff
Features that make Guitar Alchemist much more than a simple chord dictionary:

  • Explore scales (Major, melodic/harmonic minor, and more) and their modes; find chords you can play over
  • Explore chords (Filter by major/minor/dominant, b5, #5, b9, #9, #11, b13); find scales you can play over
  • Find simple chord harmonizations
  • Display the scale patterns directly on the fingerboard and on the staff at the same time
  • Choose the chord voicings difficulty you want
  • Find the exact sound you're looking for : filter the chord voicings by inversion or highest note, sort them by fret, inversion, difficulty, number of open/muted strings, number of finger used, brightness or contrast
  • Customize the fingerboard (Left handed, texture) and the theme of the application



User comments

I'd just like to say what a great piece of software this is. Thanks so much, it's really helped satisfy my hunger for knowledge of corresponding chords with modes.
Keep up the good work!

Learning scales and modes couldn't be any easier. This is an excellent resource to learn the modes and scales.
It has an extensive chord dictionary and allows filtering options for beginner voicings up to some of the most challenging I've seen.

Extreme Awesomeness. Best program I own.